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Comedy Magician


Phil Cass is one of Corporate Australia’s most nationally recognised comedy entertainers having performed over 5000 corporate events worldwide. His unique style & presentation of comedy magic has made him one of the corporate world’s secret weapons. He remains fresh and current, and to quote The National Press Club, “Still untouchable as Australia’s best corporate comedy magic act!”






The Australian 'MO' Awards acknowledge excellence in live performance and I am proud to advise that at the recent 38th Annual 'MO' Award Ceremonial, PHIL CASS was named the AUSTRALIAN PERFORMER OF THE YEAR, so named in the honour of Peter Allen. Phil has created history by being the first magician to win this prestigious show business award and joins an impressive list of previous winners. He was also named the Australian Speciality Act of the Year for the 8th time!

His international appeal has seen his career rewarded with multi prestigious show business awards:

- 1985-1990 ‘WALLACE’ Award- 'Entertainer of the Year', ‘Cabaret Performer of the Year' & 'Comedy Act of the Year'

- 1996 ‘MO’ Award - Versatile Variety Performer of the Year

- 1998, 2002 National trophy-  ‘Outstanding Contribution To Comedy Magic’

- 2003 Sight Act of the Year- Queensland Entertainment Awards

- 1998, 1999 and 2000 - ACE Award (Australian Club Entertainer) Sight Act of the Year

- 1993, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2014 - Australian ‘MO’ Awards for excellence in live entertainment - The Speciality Act of the Year



What does this mean?

What you need to know about these highly respected awards and what they stand for in the Australian entertainment industry today.


  • The Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards
  • Phil Cass - 8 Time Winner “The Speciality Act Of The Year
  • National ’MO’ Awards for Excellence In Live Entertainment
  • “On four separate occasions during his career, Phil has been voted by his peers in the Australian entertainment industry as one of the top 5 variety entertainers throughout the country, in any category! Unreservedly recommended” ‘Mo’ Entertainment Awards Committee


What is a ‘MO’ Award?

A ‘MO’ Award is a reward for members of the entertainment industry who achieve excellence in ‘live’ performance. The Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards Inc. is the longest running, annual major awards system in Australia. It is the most comprehensive award system as it includes all genres of live performance.

Why do we need The Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards?

Why are they called the ‘MO’ Awards?

When and where are the ‘MO’ Awards held?

Who decides the winners of awards?

For answers and more information visit the official MO Awards website: www.moawards.org.au


The ACE (Australian Club Entertainment) AWARDS

Phil Cass is the 1998, 1999 & 2000 "Sight Act" winner


What is an ‘ACE’ Award?

These awards recognise the contribution by Variety artistes in Australia who perform in registered Clubs, and are voted for by a selected panel of professionals. In the ten years since its inception, the ACE AWARDS have quickly gained recognition within the Entertainment Industry as a highly respected and much sought after award.

For more information visit the official ACE Awards website: www.aceawards.com.au