What is a Phil Cass?



  • Merlin –International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)
  • Member of the Society of American Magicians (SAM) for over 25 years
  • Honorary Life Member of The Academy of Magical Arts, Hollywood


Although world renowned for his commercial pea & shell game, do check out YouTube or watch the promotional video from the website: www.philcass.com


     He is considered by his peers  to be Australia’s # 1 comedy magic act.


With a middle name like ‘Trust Me’ you can be sure of one thing …… Phil Cass defies the conventional pattern of mayhem in live entertainment with his unique on-stage persona that safely runs the gamut from insult to result! 


Phil has gained an enviable reputation not only as a first rate magician & illusionist of international standard but also for being in the upper echelon of Australia’s most polished and professional comedy entertainers.


On stage, he is very funny, very likeable and very Australian.


  • He has been a street magician;
  • trade show crowd puller;
  • a restaurant and magic shop owner,
  • a corporate comedian;
  • children’s TV entertainer;
  • a full scale illusionist having made elephants, motorbikes, horses and cars appear, disappear and levitate;
  • represented Australia in The Stars of Illusion Festival (held in Sydney and working alongside The Pendragons, Tomsoni & Company, Fukai & Kimika, Otto Wesley, Christopher Hart, Nicholas Knight & Kinga, Galina, Ray Crowe and Mike Caveney).
  • 12 Magic Castle appearances… close up, parlour, stage
  • performed in front of the Prince of Wales. Wonderful hotel that… ☺


He is a busy showbusiness professional who has actively pursued excellence in live entertainment for the last 26 years.

On four separate occasions, Phil has been voted by his peers in the entertainment industry as one of the top 5 variety entertainers in Australia, of any category.


His showmanship & versatility has rewarded him with numerous prestigious awards.  His many successes include…


7  National ‘Mo’ awards for being ‘The Best Specialty Act in Australia’


8  “Wallace Awards” including Comedian of the Year and the Entertainer of the Year


3 National ‘ACE’ (Australian Club Entertainment) Awards for Sight Act of the Year (Phil & Philippa)


8 internal  ‘Best Magician’ type awards including a Genii’s trophy for his “Outstanding Contribution to Comedy Magic in Australia



-  He is an author of his book called… Oh No! Not a Magician!! 


-  A-1/ Meir Yedid  produced a DVD of Phil Cass’ pea & shell game.


-  He has lectured in:


• Finland

• India

• Ireland

• Singapore

• Sacramento, USA

• The Magic Castle, Hollywood

• South Africa

• New Zealand

• Argentina

• Brazil

• Australia wide



His lectures consist of both close up and stand up effects that are guaranteed commercial items as they are or have been regular excerpts from his show.  The emphasis is on comedy magic that is performed with a strong on stage personality, magic that is both amazing and entertaining on an emotional level.


The format of the lecture...... a 1 hour performance will first be given to demonstrate how entertaining the material is and then some much needed explanation will be given. Detailed attention is given to the pea and shell game by way of a workshop.


Whit Haydn… “Phil's wonderfully edgy showmanship is very fun to watch. Because of the psychological push and shove between the performer and his mark, it plays for a bigger room than most routines can. It is by far one of the most different and original presentations I have seen.”  see YouTube video


Roger Klause… “The most commercial pea & shell game in the world”.


Paul Wilson…  “This presentation is so good, I wouldn’t recommend it to a soul.”



To mention just a few of the other effects in the lecture:


• water from one hand to another called the Fisherman's Wharf special

• borrowed $50 is destroyed and then found in sealed cigarette packet

• money to trouser fly

• an easy and very commercial ESP routine

• paper to money which is suited to currency differing in size & colour

• how to steal a watch in a routine with no risk of being caught

• an entire children’s routine, readymade to put straight in your act

• thoughts & opinions on walk around, comedy & how to be commercial